A day in the life of a tutor..

I absolutely love teaching, I have learnt something new from every group I have taught. For 10 years, being in the studio all day, music on, sharing a passion with an excited team of budding new students, starting their journey in their new career choice.. I can't say it's always fun, sometimes very challenging and even emotional but I wouldn't change any part of my journey.

The only thing that I do find very common on my courses and really gets me analysing my teaching and the students, which as a tutor is an expression we should always encourage, to enhance everyone's search for knowledge, forgetting peer pressure, never being afraid of failure or highlighting lack of understanding to others.. "there's no such thing as a stupid question". 

I am consistently being asked silly questions every day on my courses. Sometimes relevant, sometimes not. 

These questions make me query my communication, the company's screening prior to course bookings and student's level of competence.  They divert us off topic, they add to the time pressures and can sometimes even make me blush.  But where would we be without them?  They create an atmosphere, they encourage exploration, creativity and if managed properly they add humour and a greater understanding of your students logic.  

I use these stupid questions to identify common ground with my students.  We are meant to encourage engagement.. Yes, check understanding.. Yes, be approachable.. Yes. But I must admit sometimes they can completely come out of the blue! I do laugh at my students (In a polite way) as these silly questions are one of the reasons why I love my work, why I feel challenged and can always smile at the end of a long day. 

Soon I will be a student again on a course, so I am going to fully embrace my inquisitive side, act naive and be a silly student. They are my favourite. Oh no sorry! Teachers don't have favourites! ;)

There's no such thing as a stupid question..

1. (Gym student) What do I write on the form next to where it says Learners name?

2. (Exercise To Music Course) 

Student: Can I film myself teaching a pretend class for my assessment? 

Me: A pretend class? 

Student: Well I don't have anyone to join in, so imagine a class and music 

Me: You want to teach an invisible dance class to pretend music?

Student: yes!

3. (Personal Training Course *Changed names)

Student: Kt 

Me:Yes Samuel

Student: I have a low cut vest from Space (Ibiza for all the non-ravers) Is there a rule as to how much nipple you can show when teaching? 

Kt: ummm..

I love my students..

Kt Horsley-Page (Tutor/Assessor/IQA)


Denise has sent in some of her tutoring stories too!  Her top 3:

1. A student learning CPR tried to put the dummies mask on her own face. 

2. A lovely moment. The last week of a PT  course the male students (who had originally complained about having a female tutor) spent an unusual amount of time in the men's changing area every break time. It was weird! On the last day they performed a song and dance routine for me. An out of tune and badly choreographed version of 'you've lost that loving feeling'. Priceless moment!!!

3. Beatitude and safety session. 

Tutor (me) ask the question ' what accidents are likely to happen in a session?'

Student answer - shooting?????