This time last week I went away with approximately 40 people I did not know. I was nervous but felt slightly reassured as we all had one thing in common, the love of road cycling. The holiday was organised by Crawley Wheelers and I was not sure of the level or experience of the riders. What soon became evident was the fact that I did not need to worry. The group ranged from highly experienced top cyclists to individuals who rarely road a bike. They did not all have the latest gear or the best bikes but everyone felt part of a team and all managed to rejoice in their accomplishments.    


The great thing about this week was the confirmation that you do not have to compete against others to be a winner. Getting to the top of the mountain or completing more miles than ever before is an individual success which should be celebrated. There was genuine praise and encouragement from the experienced riders when someone rode their first 100 miles. They themselves have done this many times but they remember what is was like to be a beginner and what it means to have success recognised. 


I believe the most successful fitness instructors and personal trainers are the ones who recognise success however small the improvement might be.  For some going for a brisk walk is like climbing a mountain.  I have heard trainers say 'they put no effort in' but simply turning up could have been a real struggle. We must remember to look for the success however small and not hold back on our praise. If we want people to adhere to a healthy lifestyle we must celebrate big and small accomplishments. 

Denise Page, Founder Ad-Lib Training