After reading the article

EFDS: Activity providers need to be more proactive in reaching disabled people 

BY MATTHEW CAMPELLI on Leisure Management (June 2016)

It got me thinking...

In order for disabled people to feel welcome the marketing needs to be more targeted to ensure they know they are welcome. 

Their experience must be positive which means the staff must be confident in their approach in supporting disabled people in the environment. 

An instructor does not have to be a specialist in disability but they must have empathy and an ability to look at what IS possible and work with it. 

They need to have the ability to communicate with the individual directly and be open enough to learn from them. The expert in relation to the disability is the client. 

Ad-Lib Training have agreed an IFI accredited CPD training course for instructors to help support employers ensure their staff are trained to work with disabled people without having the difficulty of going through the Level 3 assessment process. The training is open to all Level 2 instructors.  

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Founder, Ad-Lib Training