For someone who works in the fitness industry lately I have spent a lot of time sitting down. Administration catch up (too much paperwork to be healthy) and driving. On the plus side I get to see beautiful parts of the country but the down side is sitting in the car for hours. It would be wonderful if Fred Flintstones car really did exist; you would get a great workout!

Lately I have found it difficult to do the recommended amount of daily activity needed for health.

Adults aged 19-64 years should do at least 150 minutes of moderate activity a week and two days of strength exercises covering all major muscles per week.. Minimum.. That includes Instructors!

As a fitness professional I should take it in my stride but I hear myself presenting the barriers our clients frequently give us. I am fit enough and have the expertise to do a HIT(High Intensity Training) session lasting 30 minutes and don’t have to rely on a trainer or using a facility but I really have to push myself at busy times; it would be so easy to just sit and have a glass of wine.

I know this sounds like a moan but the reality is I can use these times of lethargy as a lesson. It gives me a greater understanding and empathy for the people I work with. As a trainer it is good to share your down times from time to time. We are all human, it is beneficial for our clients to see that!

By Denise Page (Founder of Ad-Lib Training)