I have recently moved to a new area. It has been an interesting reminder to experience what new instructors have to go through in order to gain a class.

At one time it was enough to teach aerobics, now you have to demonstrate what other skills you have. It helps if you teach a mixture of branded classes but at the same time have the ability to be able to design a programme various types of class as it gives you opportunity to cover a variety of classes.

Here are my top ten tips to get on the ladder:

1.     Be organised with your certificates. Save them on drop box to allow you to share your certificates instantly.

2.     Have your insurance certificate ready to share.

3.      Check to see if the centre requires REPS or CIMSPA membership.

4.     Have an audition class ready that is polished and can be taught in full or broken up for a short demonstration. Make sure it shows your skills but at the same time can be achieved by the participants.

5.     Have a realistic availability calendar available to share at the point of interview. If your availability is limited be honest. Clearly list the days and times you are available.

6.     Attend classes you will be covering. Check out the description if you cannot attend or speak to the regular instructor.

7.     If you are getting a permanent class agree the class description if you have not written it.

8.     Get to know the customer profile of the centre. It will give you an indication who is likely going to attend your class.

9.     Introduce yourself to the other instructors and attend team meetings. You will need their support at some time!

10.  Introduce yourself to the receptionists. If they like you they will promote your class. Be smiley whenever you walk past!

Good luck if you are starting out.  Enjoy your teaching career!

Denise Page is a Director for A-Lib Training