People are always trying to tell you what's best for you, what exercise to do, what to eat, the best kit needed.  There are a lot of guidelines you are meant to adopt to keep you physically active. Huge amounts of information about why you should do this and that.. But if I can give you one reason, for anyone who wants to start getting active, currently contemplating it or has been prescribed exercise due to health reasons. Ignoring the long lists of the dos and the don'ts..

The reason why everyone should get active is happiness. Activity brings about happiness to everyone who wants to get involved.

Ignoring the long terminology of the physiological and psychological benefits and the research based theory and scientific reasoning of what's changing internally which proves this is the case, quite simply everyone understands what happiness is and that a smile on someones face is a positive thing. And really, when you look at all the benefits I think this tops them all.

Whether you are happy with your personal growth, less stressed, happy with achieving your goals or grinning because you've lost that last bit of weight.   It always comes back to happiness. It always wins.

With so much going on around us, how involved or caught up we can get into our daily routines, searching for more, we forget to enjoy life and live in the moment. At more time than any, a bit more happiness in the world is definitely needed. Who doesn't want to be happy?

At AdLib Training, we want to share that journey with you.

So put on some comfortable clothes and stand up. We are sharing 30 ideas to get you moving this month. Some indoors, some outside, but none of the ideas involve that weighing monthly gym membership fee. Get involved, share some pictures online and show us your smile.

I promise you will notice the difference. It is infectious. Include family and friends.

Moving 150 minutes a week (that's 2 and half hours) equals a week of happiness. Forget the weight loss goals, set yourself a happiness target.

By Kt Horsley-Page (The care bear!! Haha )