Book Review: Nutrition

So I have always been one for exercise and nutrition has always come second.  If I am being honest, after social events, work and my family lifestyle it is probably more a close fifth.  But since I had to go wheat and dairy free I’ve had to focus a lot more on my health.  I have found myself lacking inspiration for meals and find the entire supermarket free from options to be full of sugar and other naughty replacements.  You would think my weight would go down with a restricted diet but after examining the back of the free from ranges it has done a U-turn!

When I saw Amelia Freer release the 10-day plan and the focus of the book, I thought this would be a good book to try. The mission is to introduce the reader to a healthy nutritional balance, rather than diets.  It challenges how you think about food, forcing you to evaluate yourself and how you respond to food.

Not only are the naughty sugars removed, it is gluten and dairy free, with vegan options.  If this won’t give me the variety I need, I’m not sure what will.  I am hoping it will aid my creativity.

Working in the fitness industry I have seen this approach explained in many ways for Personal Trainers to aid their clients, but I found the content in the book very clear with simple tools to introduce the meal plan to anyone, regardless of their understanding of nutrition. 

It was even nice to see a little section dedicated to exercise and why it is good to embrace food and exercise together.  For a foodie book, this is great to see the message filtering out.

I have read the whole book before embracing the 10-day plan as I need time to prep myself, as well as my cupboards (and possibly my husband!)

So here’s going. I will update you after the 10 days to let you know how it goes.. Wish me luck!!

Why am I anxious?  As beautiful as the pictures look, I feel like I will starve or have those embarrassing belly rumble meetings!  Who knew I was so hung up on snacking between meals?  No snacking with this plan.

I will post pictures of my journey and meals on social media.  Let’s hope they look like the pictures in the book (yeah right) but in the meantime, if you know you need to change your eating habits, need more colour on your plate, or just need to understand food a little more, give it a read. There is a lot of confusion out there from social media, marketing and constant media do’s and don’ts challenging you daily.  Even if you don’t want to do the full plan, you can utilise some of the tools to suit your lifestyle.

Book Info - Amelia Freer ‘Nourish & Glow: The 10-Day Plan’

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By Kt Horsley-Page (Ad-Lib Tutor/Assesor/IQA)