Book: Gut by Giulia Enders

What a book, where to begin?  The book provides an insight into the body’s organ and all the systems that works together with the Gut.  Engaging the reader with an explanation as to why we should pay more attention to the gut and how it can aid our health.  There is discussion about the lack of interest in this organ, lack of understanding, embarrassment almost over the organ and the digestive system.  You know ladies don’t actually poo right?!  It’s all roses..

Giulia identifies what scientists are currently looking into which can provide useful answers to some unknown bodily functions.  There is research that media outlets have missed or due to the small scale of the projects more knowledge is required on the topic, therefore it is not widely known.  I don’t understand why?  Some of the topics discussed in the book seem important for the public to know.  If the scale of research is explained in the article, surely any reader would take this into consideration.

Even though there is a scientific tone to the book, it is written in a context everyone can understand.  Great imagery to aid the text and similes to explain the environment we have inside of us really helps make it accessible.  The chapter titles are entertaining alone.  My favourite obviously being ‘How does poo-ing work..’

The book relates to everyday, why you might feel a certain why and why your body responds the way it does. It has definitely made me review my living habits.  I am now reading the back of food packets actually knowing what to look out for.

This book is for everyone.  Whether you enjoy learning about your anatomy and physiology, avoid certain foods and not sure why, or just want to learn a new style of excreting this is the one.  I have definitely learnt many things, which has helped clarifyprevious discussions with  a nutritionist.  And don’t think it all relates to your toilet habits, there are many bodily systems which scientists are finding out are linked to the gut.  So that unexplained migraine you get, could be touched on in the book.  There is something everyone could pay particular attention to.

It does beg the question why we shy away from such an important organ.  We discuss food and see picture perfect meals all over the media (don’t get me started on all the new found nutritionists on instagram), but we don’t really address what happens to that picture perfect dish once we devour it. 

There are links to the digestive system and your physical and mental health.

Why not learn something new, maybe even improve your living habits, go out and buy it today!  It isn’t a big book, so it won’t take you long.  You will find yourself bookmarking pages to save the advice for later. 

I personally want to thank my gut.  The internal world I have evolving inside of me and the hard work my minions do to keep me sound!  I should take better care of my world!

By Kt Horsley-Page

From the mind of a genius, who is an Ad-Lib Tutor/Assessor.  Kt enjoys writing reviews whilst on the loo ;) @Kt_c_page