At Ad-Lib Training, we always like to connect with others who share our vision to promote mental wellbeing and physical activity in the community and health care settings.

Rebecca has been catching up with our partner Reinvent Lifestyle. Warwick Wyatt shares all about his motivations, the brand and what the future holds.

Q - How did Reinvent Lifestyle begin?

It began during a long chat with a colleague in 2010. We would put the world to rights on the car phone (not recommended of course!) and during a rant about how I had fallen with my health, nutrition and fitness, I decided I was going to not only help myself but also help others to Reinvent themselves. Reinvent their Lifestyles. And from there, Reinvent Lifestyle was born. Prime aim to help people in times in their life where stress had got the better of them and needed some help. The concept was to ‘Understand, Educate and Inspire’ (including myself, I had got into such bad habits), I began by offering group fitness and nutritional workshops to workplaces, activity sessions to the Alzheimer's and Dementia care homes and to general public, group based and personal coaching, similar to what my career was before getting into NVQ’s. Then due to low activity levels within adult mental health hospitals I was asked to provide circuit sessions to get people moving and helping to improve cessation of smoking in hospital patients. There was an unused space, so we thought by putting in a dedicated studio, we would have a good uptake, which we did, and we still do this forms the basis of our services, providing the whole solution to getting people active. So, my answer to the question of where it started I suppose is a bit long winded and to be honest it feels like we begin again every day, new challenges, same objective, to help people Reinvent themselves.

Q - What is your background?

I started in the fitness industry in 2004, as a fitness instructor/cleaner after a change in direction from design! The gym that I started at was a standalone gym in Ware, run by a guy that used to teach 90-minute spinning classes, the guy was a machine. In the end it wasn’t my cup of tea and I got my shot at a role in a Cannons (Now Nuffield Health) which was a hot bed for personal training talent at the time. Looking back, it was a very exciting period. We were very much on the edge of holistic coaching, we followed industry preachers like Paul Chek, Charles Poliquin, Gary Gray to name a few. As trainers, we were on the same hymn sheet, with one objective, to give the best service we could. After a few years, I decided to go travelling, see the world and then came back to the worst economy in many years! Seemed like a tough time, but what it did do is open education pathways funded by the government, to which I saw an advert to become an NVQ assessor and mentor, a great opportunity. The experience that I had from all these positions and learning journeys gave me the foundation to build a business, even though a small foundation! 

Q - Was there a moment when you realised you had a unique concept in Reinvent Lifestyle and it could evolve into the brand it is today?

I felt that our unique concept was formed when I decided to partner with others, collaborate and when I just got out there to see people.  I soon realised that there was a need for workplaces and hospitals to have high quality fitness services which I would form together with partners, like Ad-Lib Training!

Q - What part has technology played in the development of Reinvent Lifestyle's programmes?

Technology is changing all the time, it’s becoming part of our programme delivery and the products that we install, it doesn’t replace, it simply assists, I get over excited about anything that’s got a line of code or a battery, so it’s going to play a big role in the future. 

Q - What are your plans for future expansion for Reinvent Lifestyle?

We are aiming to carry on improving our workplace services linking the mind and body, creating spaces for employees to stay active, but also have a space to relax and unwind and to meditate, this is going to be huge in the coming years I feel. In the realms of medical and mental health rehab, we will be yet again, promoting the need to improve the brain and body in conjunction by offering products and services that can be adaptable to their needs.

Q - What's your favourite training/workout method?

I like pushing myself in a circuit, getting the breathing rate up and feeling the burn. I also like to gamify exercise and really try to improve my mental readiness. As I’m getting a bit older, I’m certainly stretching a little more than I did before and will be doing a little yoga. 

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Warwick Wyatt

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