I first qualified to work in the fitness industry in 1991. If I am honest, I just wanted to make up Exercise to Music routines and have the fun of delivering them. It had not entered my head that I was responsible for the health and welfare of the individuals in front of me. I had absolutely no idea I would need to study anatomy and physiology or the principles of health.

It was not until I started to screen my participants that I truly started to appreciate the extent of how much underpinning knowledge an entry level fitness instructor needed.   

1991 was the start of my exciting journey through the fitness industry. I have always taught exercise and still enjoy leading my regular spinning classes. I have a Nordic Walking business where the majority of clients are self-referred.  It was working with this group I realised I needed to up my game and get my Exercise Referral Qualification.

Over the years I have gained qualifications in assessing and quality assurance as well as a multitude of CPD. I have been the Director of a large training organisation where I gained management experience and skills.

When CIMPSPA started to make a case for taking over from REPs I was sceptical. I have watched and waited in the wings as many changes have been introduced over the years but not delivered on the promises. But I have to admit CIMSPA do seem to be making the difference we have needed for so long.

Employers, Awarding Organisations, Training Providers and Instructors have been brought together under the umbrella of CIMSPA. The result is we have a joined up approach, there is a recognised structure for qualifications and training. Expertise and experience can be recognised at all levels. The structure is transparent which makes it easier for employers to up skill their workforce and rewards them appropriately.

Ad-Lib Training have always believed in ensuring all training meets and exceeds the required standards. We are excited to now be a delivery partner for CIMPSPA.

In order to support employers and instructors we are delivering ‘Exercise and Sports Participation, working with disability and stable long term conditions’

The course aim is to provide instructors to work confidently with apparently healthy self-referred people with a disability or a stable medical condition who may or may not have been recommended to partake of exercise by a medical practitioner.

Instructors and employers want to be in a position where they can trust the course content and the standard of the training provider. Being a CIMSPA Delivery Partner give us that recognition.

An area Ad-Lib Training specifically promotes is ensuring people with disabilities have opportunities to participate and possibly work within the fitness industry. Marc Woods, the newly appointed Chair of CIMSPA, has demonstrated that a lot can be achieved and disability should not hold anyone back from achieving his or her personal and physical goals.

Ad-Lib Training look forward to working with CIMSPA and employers.

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By Denise Page 

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