So summer has officially hit with current temperatures the hottest for over 20 years!

This gives you even more reason to get moving this summer, embrace the outdoors and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you are out for a run, training in your garden or having fun with the family, at Ad-Lib Training we have come up with a great summer playlist to help motivate you.  There is something for everyone. 

The team has pulled together their favourite workout tracks to come up with the ultimate playlist to last at least a 30-minute workout.  We have everything from Armand Van Helden, David Bowie, Demi Lovato to Will Smith!  We have very eclectic tastes.

If you know the team, can you guess who selected what?

Enjoy on Spotify…

You can search for ‘Ad-Lib Training Summer Workout Tunes 2018’ or follow the link:

Summer Playlist

By Katie Horsley-Page


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