A million deadlines (no exaggeration), trying to juggle family life and planning 3 events.

When you’ve had a tougher time than usual, have you ever stopped, paused and looked around you?  I definitely have and been surprised by what I see and feel.

My husband can tell when I’ve had a project on at work without needing to speak to me. He will come in from a days work and will notice my work everywhere, my vibe and the state of our house.  So, in December we decided to have a big New Year clear out, we are too impatient for Spring.  So far, we have managed to complete two thirds of the house and the change in our moods, especially me (as I work from home) is huge.

So, it begs the question... Can your environment really affect your mood and your mental health?  It sure can! 

The amount of clutter in your space can have an impact on your mood, creativity and focus.  It is believed the more clutter you hold onto can affect your ability to process information, causing you to feel overloaded and build your stress levels.

It can have a huge impact.  Whether it is physical, digital or emotional clutter, we all need to declutter from time to time.

When looking at mess, a storage alert on your phone, a thousand emails in your inbox or pretending the dumping ground in the ‘spare’ room will just disappear can seem very overwhelming.  Closing the door or switching off the alerts isn’t enough.  So, what is best to do first?

When deciding it is time to declutter, you want to alwaystake it in stages, starting with the worst area first.  No doubt you have to be ruthless, getting rid of the obvious waste first.  Everything you keep needs to have a home.  You might even call in reinforcements.  If you know you hold onto a lot of ‘stuff’ why not bring a friend in to the mix to bring some clarity.  Having a team behind you will always make the daunting task seem a whole lot easier. 

One thing my husband and I started with was “Have we used it at all in the last year?” If not, do we truly need to keep hold of it.

I am a huge fan of Phil and Kirsty... yes!  I will never miss out on a property show with the fabulous pair.  On their recent ‘Love It or List It’ series, I was surprised to see one couple struggle with space, but they couldn’t see the amount of clutter they were holding.  Kirsty got the pair to leave the room.  She took certain items out of the room and when they came back in, they couldn’t even tell her what was missing.  Is that you? 

There is quite a bit of advice out there as to how to approach decluttering.  One book a friend has recommended is ‘The life-changing magic of tidying up’ The KonMari Method to decluttering and organising space by Marie Kondo. It is now in my shopping cart!  I will have to let you know how the read goes.   

One thing all the research agrees on is the benefits to declutter.  As well as the obvious benefits of a little extra cash with any items you have managed to sell, the smiles you get from charity shop staff and the sense of achievement, it does give you a sense of ‘letting go’. It surprised me how pleasant it was to get rid of some items from my past I was ready to pass on.   One thing I have noticed is the stress release and motivation it creates to do the same in other areas of your life.  Laptop ready!

It is never too late to set yourself a new year resolution, right?! I am not saying it will get rid of all your troubles, but you will notice a sense of change.  Your mental health will thank you for it.  Just a little bit of magic, investing some time for a little self-love.

Wish us luck on that last third! Continuing our pursuit of Euphoria…

Katie Horsley-Page

By Katie Horsley-Page

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