Stay healthy this Easter

April has arrived.  It is that time of year when the weather changes, the clocks have moved for lighter evenings, the flowers are blossoming and everyone comes out of hibernation.  Easter is a time to indulge, and if you have been very strict recently, then why not... but should you want to stay focused then here are some ideas to keep you on track over the Easter break.  Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, it is a time where (hopefully) you get a bit of time to pause and possibly catch up with your tribe.  Use this time to retune with yourself physically and mentally.  

Keep on track with these top ten tips:

  1. Experience an Easter walk or adventure.  Being outdoors is great for your physical and mental health.  Whether it is a country walk, seaside stroll or visiting a lovely park.  Find some green space near you to explore.

  2. Have some family fun.  Play games, put on some skates or have a game of rounders.  Why not involve everyone and make  a day of it.

  3. Try something creative for your mental health.  Bake something for Easter, make an Easter bonnet or floral basket.  One year we painted some eggs and put clues in the middle for an Easter egg hunt.  There were so many laughs.  Find your happy space.

  4. Do have some chocolate but in moderation.  People will more likely fail a target when they are completely restricted, or they relapse once the target has been hit.  This usually results in a full-on indulgence, reversing all work gained.

  5. Consider the quality, as well as the quantity.  Whether it is a sweet treat or a Sunday roast, ensure you purchase quality and consider your portion sizes.

  6. Adding a social element to your Easter weekend is great for your mental health.  Catch up with old friends, make some new friends, smile at another walker.  Stay in contact with people around you.

  7. Take a time out from your phone.  Nowadays our whole life is in the phone, from reminders, diary dates, emails, social media platforms, google.. Have a day where you switch off the phone, laptop and maybe even the TV and have a screen free day.  Give yourself a break from all the noise.

  8. If you do enjoy chocolate, choose dark chocolate rather than milk or white.  There is nothing wrong with having some in small amounts as there are supposedly health benefits to having some.

  9. Try something new. Challenge yourself.  Is there something you have always wanted to try but it hasn’t been a priority or something else has always come up?  Give it a go this Easter.  Tick something off the bucket list.

  10. Go back to a good old book.  Take time to take your foot off the peddle, slow down and read something you find enjoyable.  Your body will thank you.

If you had a goal you haven’t quite achieved yet or even a New Year resolution which hasn’t even started, then why not start it now.  

Have an egg-cellent break from the Ad-Lib Team!

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By Katie Horsley-Page

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