For Mental Health Awareness Week we are looking at the positive resources out there which can enhance your awareness of mental health conditions, hear others stories and understand how you can support yourself, as well as others around you.  Take a look at your own mental wellbeing and consider small changes, small steps along your journey to further your positivity.  Follow our releases this week for recommendations from the team.  What resources do they use  to help them on their pursuit of self-acceptance, balance and wellbeing.

Day One

Our first recommendation for this week is Happy Not Perfect. Originally set up to help with anxiety, Happy Not Perfect is a mixture of resources to support an individual with managing daily stresses, gain control, sleep better and feel an element of calm. There is an app as well as a product range to keep the mindfulness close at hand. Having the app allows access to mindfulness when ever you feel like you need it, to try calm the everyday noise. The activities give you focus and help you spread happiness to the people closest to you. Who wouldn't want to spread a little piece of happiness..

Find out more here - Happy Not Perfect

Day Two

Our Wednesday recommendation is the Happy Place podcast run by Fearne Cotton. Talking to a wide range of guests about happiness, life experiences and mental health challenges they have faced. The podcast is an informal style conversation, which seems so natural between two friends. With Fearne leading indepth questions, she makes the individual feel at ease to speak openly. It is a great podcast to relate to.. Knowing everyone has experienced something in their life regardless of their level of success, and having those individuals share what helps them find balance and happiness is very inspiring.

Check out the podcast here

Day Three

Bryony Gordon is a best-selling author and journalist, who has such an honest and open approach when discussing her mental health. She set up the Mental Health Mates charity to encourage casual meet-ups for walks in the outdoors to allow individuals opportunity to chat to others who can empathise and be non-judgemental. Whether it is to discuss their mental health, an interest or nothing at all, Bryony encourages everyone to get outside and talk. Volunteers run local walks in their community, so no one feels alone. At Ad-Lib Training we love the idea of combining the physical with mental wellbeing, especially in the great outdoors. See if there is a walk in your area, as our day three recommendation.

Click here to access Mental Health Mates

Day Four

It is day four of our recommendations and we are talking about the book 'The 4 Pillar Plan'. When you click on the 'about me' tab on Dr Chatterjee's website his mission is the only thing on display "My mission is to help 100 million people feel fantastic by restoring them to optimal health." The book has a simple approach to get you to make small steps to a happier and healthier you. With 20 years experience and considering current research, Dr Chatterjee has pulled together a refreshing book to re-evaluate your lifestyle.

To check out the book click here

Day Five

Launched in 2010 Andy Puddicombe started leading meditation events after 10 years of buddist monk training across the world. With attendees wanting more, Headspace gradually moved to an app so individuals could access meditation anywhere. With specific themes and approaches to meditation, there is something for everyone, including a children's section. Guiding individuals with mental and physical illnesses, as well as daily meditation for wellbeing. There are free and subscribed options, so no excuses! Easy to follow education is included on the app covering the benefits of participating in a course or individual sessions.

Try a meditation session here

Day Six

It may be the end of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, but that doesn't mean it should be the end of your exploration of your own pursuit of mental wellbeing.  Our recommendation for today is from Mind and the New Economics Foundation research regarding the five ways to wellbeing, which include; connection, being active, giving, taking note and  learning.  

When looking at your health you should consider the mental elements as well as the physical.  There are great links between the two, as well as sleep quality, nutrition and social aspects. What one small change could you take away from the resources released this week to aid you with your health and wellbeing?  

Want to increase your mental health awareness, check out our products or drop us a line to see what training we have on offer.  Stay connected.  

MInd’s Five Ways To Wellbeing


Ad-Lib Team

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