We are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with CARiFiT as a delivery partner for their instructor training courses.  If you haven't heard of CARiFiT yet, they specialise in post-natal exercise, delivering functional training for new mums in the studio but also online.  We have helped CARiFiT develop a fabulous 2 day training course for level 2 and 3 instructors.  To learn more about the brand and the training we have caught up this month with Vern Hill, the founder of CARiFiT.  Enjoy the read about how the idea came to Vern and how CARiFiT has developed over time.

Our first course dates start in July.  To book or to get further details, get in contact today. 

Q. Tell us a bit about you

I am a Personal Trainer of 17 years experience and hold a Sports Science degree. I am a husband and dad of 2 children and 2 dogs! I begun my career at Holmes Place where I did everything from folding towels, writing programs, delivering Les Mills classes – RPM well – Body Pump badly!!!

Q. What was your motivation to design the CARiFiT class?

For 14 years I have specialised in pre and post natal fitness. It is an amazing time to work with ladies and I was doing it long before it was cool or even the advised norm! For 7 of those years whilst owning my own gym in Wandsworth I would ‘wear’ clients new babies for them as they worked out. The babies were calmer on me than the floor and that enabled mum to remain relaxed and focused on her session. Eventually, when demonstrating exercises whilst wearing a baby sowed a seed and CARiFiT was born.

Q. How long have you been delivering the sessions?

For 4 years, but first it was all freebies while I tested and tweaked the format. I then convinced a ‘mum friendly’ studio to give me a slot on the timetable…nobody knew what it was and hardly anyone came to start with.

Q. Was there a particular moment when you realised that you had something unique and that it could evolve into the programme it is today?

On the odd occasion mums did come. They LOVED it and it gave me the confidence to keep evolving new moves and to train in babywearing, which is absolutely key to the success of CARiFiT. Get the babywearing aspect nailed and everything is better.

Q. To what do you attribute to your success?

We are just getting started – ask me again in 3 years when there is global access to live classes and we have the biggest postnatal online training platform in the world.

Q. Describe your typical client

New mums!

Q. Do you get a different type of client using the online training to those attending classes?

Not really. Online removes some access barriers and the distance barriers but generally everyone is a new mum looking for the support and comfort that CARiFiT gives. A huge amount of time and effort has gone into making sure ever angle is covered for them.

Q. Most gyms have a creche, what do you think the advantages are for exercising with the baby?

Gosh… we have just had an independent evaluation of the outcomes of CARiFiT and now the stats backing the benefits are huge. Come on our course and we will teach you all about them! But to list a few; reduced separation anxiety, improved mental health markers and physical results are incredible.

Q. Do you have any dad’s attend the classes?

We have on occasions and it is always wonderful to see.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

I want all new mums to be able to access the support and detail that we provide so that we can re-educate them around the needs for their bodies post baby, allowing them to experience the array of benefits.

Q. You have decided to grow your network of instructors. How important is this side of the business?

It is HUGE. It makes me very excited and very nervous. I am asking people to care as much as I care, to hold themselves to the standards that I try to strive for when dealing with clients and to create these incredible, welcoming environments that put new mums at ease at a time of great change and upheaval. CARiFiT is an amazing class to teach live and we have refined every fine detail. You need to learn it, practice it and deliver it without deviation from the tried and tested methodology, and you will have sold out classes every week.

Q. What type of instructor would be ideal for the training?

The perfect trainer for CARiFiT would be passionate about pre and post natal fitness, caring, attentive and have outstanding attention to detail. Teaching CARiFiT is all about getting the little things right so that the mums can have a stress free, incredible and uplifting workout!

Q. You have recently partnered with Ad-Lib Training.  What do you look for in a partnership?

I look for a team of people who can impart my passion and attention to detail onto our new instructors and who understand what is really at the core of delivering great CARiFiT classes. In Ad-Lib Training, I believe that we have found that.

Q. Do you have any advice to anyone wanting to start their own group training concept?

Expect it to take longer and cost more than you ever imagined. Have a clear vision of the class and the people you hope to impact by delivering it. Then detail, detail and detail. Test everything. Make sure that anytime someone walks in to the room, that every little detail means the environment and the class works just as you envisioned it.

The first course dates start in July.

To get the dates and to book contact info@adlibtraining.com


Vern Hill

You can find out more about CARiFiT here.

Contact us today info@adlibtraining.com to hear more about the instructor training course.

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