CIMSPA will have a difficult job in getting REPs members to move over. I have a lot of contact with instructors who are only members because their employers insists they must be on the register. Others have either never joined or left. The main reason for leaving is they felt they did not get anything in return. 

Instructors want a membership organisation who will represent them. They want a body who will look after standards but at the same time support them in areas such as pay and conditions. That unfortunately is not REPs or CIMSPA. 

There are a lot of fantastic freelance instructors doing a professional job. They are making a difference to the health of their local communities. They understand the job role better than anyone as they are the front line. I get extremely frustrated with the fact that they are not represented in the decision making it is only ever the employers; who are at a management level with out of date qualifications or no experience of doing the job of an instructor. 

If we want an industry workforce that is professional and accepted by the medical profession we need buy in from all parties including the instructor. We need to find a way to motivate them to get involved in shaping our industry. I am not convinced moving from REPs to CIMSPA is the answer. 

By Denise page, Founder Ad-Lib Training

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